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Department of Health Warns of Possible Measles Exposure at Philadelphia International Airport Terminal A West

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Health officials are warning of possible exposure to measles at Philadelphia International Airport.

The potential exposure occurred between 2:50 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, May 31 in the Federal Inspection Area of ​​Terminal A West.

The individual who had measles was traveling through the airport and is not related to a measles case reported on May 20, the Philadelphia Health Department announced Monday.

The department said there is no risk to the general public and those who are vaccinated against measles are protected and do not need to take further action.

Those who are not vaccinated, however, should watch for symptoms, including fever, runny nose, cough and red, swollen eyes followed by rash. More severe cases can cause organ inflammation, brain infection, or death.

Measles is highly contagious and authorities say anyone who has not yet been vaccinated should do so immediately.

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“Many countries, including tourist destinations, are experiencing measles outbreaks, so the risk of travel-related measles cases and subsequent outbreaks in the United States has increased,” said Dr. Landrus Burress, director of the Division of Disease Control.

For more information about measles, visit this page on CDC.gov.

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