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Dense fog warning Tuesday morning marks a few days of rain

December 25, 2023

Christmas Evening Update

I hope you had a great vacation and wanted to quickly update a few things for this vacation week. Winds will blow from the East overnight to bring moisture and produce dense fog near coastal areas. There is a dense fog advisory for Delmarva to the coast, but there will be fog around the bay and in the northern hills. This will prepare us for a few wet days.

The heaviest rain will fall on Wednesday, then lingering showers on Thursday.

The pattern will start from the top and become cooler. I don’t see arctic air yet, but I see adjustment signals, which play into our El Niño-related winter expectations. These typically bring a mild December, followed by the winter pattern of January and February.

No white Christmas: no problem

It’s not as common as you might imagine. So not having snow this year is not a problem because it has no correlation with the rest of the season.

Surface weather

This great storm is the driving force of millions of people. We are on the warm and soon to be humid side. Atlantic winds will bring fog and fuel incoming rain.

Blizzard warnings on reverse for Nebraska and South Dakota.

Dense fog warning

This includes Kent, Queen Annes and Caroline counties in Maryland, all counties in Delaware, SE PA and New Jersey: visibility may be less than 1/4 mile.

There may also be fog in central Maryland and southern PA, but not as thick!

Weather for December 25: Dense fog warning

Tuesday morning weather

Wind forecast

Winds will be light, but from the east with lots of humidity.

Weather for December 25: windy Tuesday morning


The day will start out in the low to mid 40s for most of our area.

Weather temperatures for December 25 Tuesday morning

Radar simulation at 7 a.m.

Rain will move across the mountains from the west, while fog will be near and east of the Chesapeake Bay.

December 25 Rainy weather Tuesday morning

Radar simulation from 7:00 a.m. to midnight

Weather forecast for December 25 rain radar Tuesday

Afternoon snapshot

Rain will be more likely in central Maryland, the mountains and to the north. Often we see more rain than indicated on this product, so I always expect showers even south of Baltimore.

December 25 Rainy weather Tuesday afternoon

Wider view of the storm

From Tuesday morning to Thursday morning

Weather storm forecast for December 25

Snapshot Wednesday

The heaviest rains will fall on this day. There could also be brief thunderstorms.

December 25 Weather rain Wednesday

Looking forward

Jet Stream from Thursday morning to next Tuesday morning

Change appears. It’s NOT arctic air, but it will be colder with a few more pulses to lock us in for January.

Weather forecast for December 25 jet stream

Snapshot Friday

Once the storm passes, the transition to colder air will occur Friday afternoon.

Jet stream weather for December 25 Friday

Next Tuesday

As the new year begins, we see an upper level low pass to our south. I like the model and still see some room for this to move north. NOT seeing a weather event now may work to our advantage, as coordination could break down better than seen here in 9 days.

If we can get some form of snow or wintry weather I would start looking here.

December 25 weather jet stream cold January

7-day outlook

This is just a guide for the new year.

Plans for the Ravens game and New Year’s Eve celebration should have quiet weather.

Weather for December 25 Christmas over 7 days

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