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Democrats continue their hypocritical assault on democracy – Press Enterprise

Just a word of advice for anyone watching American political developments: never take partisanship literally on anything.

Typically, when politicians and political operatives repeat things over and over across the country, it’s because they have ulterior motives.

Republican and conservative activists have focused on controversial issues such as transgender policies, for example, in an attempt to win victories at the local and state levels. Instead of discussing, for example, how to improve educational outcomes or steer fiscal policy in a more sustainable direction, Republicans have calculated that certain culture war issues could give them an advantage among undecided voters or help get Republicans to the polls.

Similarly, Democrats have spent recent years emphasizing how much they value democracy. You have probably heard how democracy is threatened, that voting for a Republican is voting against democracy, etc. Although there are undoubtedly specific cases in which they are right – for example, we highly doubt that it is in the best interest of any jurisdiction to have a paranoid MAGA Republican who sincerely believes that our elections are all rigged to supervise elections – there are reasons to be skeptical of much broader general claims.

For example, we’ve seen Democrats across the country call for Donald Trump to be removed from the national polls. From the Colorado Supreme Court’s reaction to California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis to the Maine Secretary of State’s unilateral decision to remove Trump from the ballot, Democrats are suddenly pretending to adhere to a strict and without context of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. remove Trump from the 2024 ballots.

In reality, they are attacking the “democracy” of which they claim to be the defenders.

We’ve also seen, for example, Governor Gavin Newsom being on the right side of this particular debate. He called California’s lieutenant governor’s efforts to keep Trump off the ballot a political diversion. But on the other hand, Newsom and the Legislature are working hard to remove a taxpayer protection measure from California’s 2024 ballot, evidently because they fear it will prevail if approved under a direct democratic process.

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