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David Kozak, student in Prague, left a letter confessing to the murder of his baby before the mass shooting

The student shooter who gunned down more than a dozen people at a Prague university on Dec. 21 wrote a letter confessing to killing a 2-month-old baby and her father just days before the rampage, revealed the Czech police.

David Kozak, who committed suicide following the mass shooting, left the letter at his home in the village of Hostouň, police spokesman Jan Daněk told Czech daily Deník N.

“I can confirm that we obtained a letter in Hostoun in which the perpetrator wrote that he committed the attack” against the 32-year-old father and his little daughter, Daněk said. “The contents of the document cannot be made public at this time due to the ongoing investigation into the entire incident.”

Authorities had previously identified Kozak, 24, as a suspect in the double murders, with Police Chief Martin Vondrasek saying they were investigating his involvement in the killings “very seriously” following the mass shooting.

The remains of the two victims, who appeared to have been randomly targeted, were discovered in the Klánovický National Forest on December 15, less than a week before Kazak killed 14 people and injured 25 others at Charles University. , in the center of Prague.

Cops had been tipped off that Kazak was heading to Prague from his hometown with the intention of killing himself earlier in the day, and arrived on campus two minutes after the first reports of an active shooter. A large arsenal of weapons and ammunition, believed to have been carried by the shooter, was later discovered in the arts faculty building of the school where the massacre took place.

Kozak allegedly screamed about how he killed his father that morning after storming into the building armed with an AR-15. His father’s body was later discovered in the shooter’s hometown, with police saying they believed he had been killed the night before.

The Czech government declared December 23 a national day of mourning following the tragedy, which was the worst mass shooting in the country’s history.

“There is absolutely no explanation, no justification for this. Like many of you, I feel deep sadness and disgust at this incomprehensible and brutal violence,” Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said of this “senseless” attack. “In this dark hour, we must come together and respect each other, to show our respect to the victims.”

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