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Darmanin asks for explanations from the town hall – RT in French

Gérald Darmanin asked the PS mayor of Cachan for explanations of the “unacceptable” remarks of one of his LFI deputies, who notably deplored the fact that the institution possesses lethal weapons to kill the population.

In a letter sent on October 13 to the socialist councilor of Cachan (Val-de-Marne), the Minister of the Interior denounced “the unacceptable remarks made during the municipal council of September 30 by Dominique Lanoe”, deputy LFI of Mayor Hélène de Comarmond.

“Their content is unambiguous,” he said before quoting them: “I believed that the aim of the police was to protect the population and not necessarily to have weapons to kill them, because it was is that the meaning in good current French ”.

Referring to the emotion caused “within the police and beyond” by this formulation, Gérald Darmanin added that he wanted the mayor to “specify in what context such statements could be made”.

“We must collectively show intransigence in the face of all the attacks against the women and men who protect us”, wrote the minister, who concluded his letter with a handwritten sentence: “Thank you for your answer which will decide the follow-up. any that the Ministry of the Interior will give to preserve the honor of the police. “

The Alliance police union released a press release on Twitter to welcome the minister’s support: “Anti-cop hate, the Home Secretary proves us right”, we can read in the text in question.

“A video montage deliberately altering the reality of the words”?

For its part, the city of Cachan denounced “a video montage […] voluntarily altering the reality of the words and facts of this public meeting ”.

The city explained that in favor of a debate launched by the elected opposition members on the arming of the municipal police, there had been “an exchange [qui] sparked controversy between elected officials and uncontrolled remarks were made ”. “Part of the opposition has chosen to dramatize its exit from the theater, deliberately starting the controversy,” added the city.

Watching the full video of this municipal council, it is clear that the words of the rebellious elected immediately provoked the indignation of several participants in the meeting. On the other hand, it seems difficult to attribute the controversy in question to a montage deliberately altering the reality of Dominique Lanoe’s words, since his intervention is followed by a total cut-off of the sound of the broadcast for nearly a minute ( from 02:11:46 to 02:12:36).

Anyway, the municipality has warned that Helène de Comarmond “does not exclude[ait] not to take legal action, both against the author of the contested video montage and against any person who repeats it, thereby disseminating false information ”.