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Cynthia Nixon Reflects on ‘Sex and the City’ Critics

As the Sex and the city As the spinoff prepares to return for its third season, Cynthia Nixon explains why she’s not in phase with some of the criticism. During an appearance at the 90th Annual Drama League Awards on Friday, May 17, Nixon — who played redheaded, Harvard-educated lawyer Miranda Hobbes on the show — said the franchise has a history of pushing boundaries when it comes to sex and relationships, and the reboot is no different. Amid negative reactions to And just like that…, the Emmy-winning star reflected on the similar hatred she and her castmates face SATC co-stars met during the original series’ debut in 1998.

Hobbes revealed that she, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis were criticized for their portrayal of characters’ sex lives in the series when it was first released. “They kept saying, ‘They’re not really women, they’re homosexuals in disguise.’ Women don’t talk like that. Women don’t talk about sex like that,'” she told Page Six at the event.

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The actress said she was not surprised by the speech because “People have always been very passionate about Sex and the city and now And just like that….”

While the reboot had its share of controversies, most notably surrounding Hobbes’ character leaving her husband Steve Brady (a beloved mainstay of the original series) for a comedian named Che Diaz, Nixon insisted that the spin- off was actually following in the footsteps of its predecessor. .

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“I think that’s what’s great about And just like that,” she continued. “We continue to push the boundaries. We’re not going to do the same old things that were once shocking and that you’re now used to.

While Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez, will not return for the third season, Sarah Jessica Parker recently gave an update on her highly anticipated reunion with Aidan Shaw.

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“It’s time for her to step up to the plate to be the relevant person she wants to be.” So what does this mean and where could it lead a person? Parker said during a recent Warner Bros. presentation. Discovery Upfronts. “Aidan plays a pretty big role in answering that question.”

Parker’s character was also criticized for being a bad friend during the spinoff series, and only time will tell how she handles things with Aidan this time around when they rekindle their romance.

When asked what advice she would give to her character Carrie for the third season of And just like that…during the event, Parker joked, “Don’t have an affair, don’t lose Aidan’s beloved dog, and hire a financial planner.”


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