Cybertruck Owner Polished His Vehicle and It Looks Like a Chrome Spaceship

A Cybertruck owner had his stainless steel truck polished to a mirror finish, which he said resolved the vehicle’s oft-reported dust and fingerprint issues.

Tyson Garvin, a boating enthusiast from Joplin, Missouri, knew he wanted to fine-tune his Cybertruck from the moment he pre-ordered it nearly five years ago.

“When we ordered it the day Tesla announced, I knew I was going to tweak it that day,” Garvin told Business Insider in an interview.

Finally, after years of patiently waiting, Garvin got his truck in April. But after seeing it in person, he told BI there was still a lot to be desired.

“I didn’t like it when I first got it,” he said. “It was actually very dirty when I picked it up. It was a very bad delivery experience. And just the looks of it: the dull stainless steel is not evenly brushed.”

That’s when Garvin called on Brylee Waits in Neosho, Missouri, just south of Joplin.

Waits started a polishing business about three years ago. He named his company after what his former colleague called him at his old job: The Polishing Guy.

The polisher

Brylee Waits, right, and three of her employees covered in polish residue and stainless steel from the Cybertruck.

Brylee is waiting

“It kind of grew from there,” Waits told BI. “It’s something I could pass on to my children and we could live a lifestyle where I wouldn’t have to struggle every day.”

Waits’ business primarily specializes in semi-trailers, not stainless steel electric vehicles.

But Waits said he hated saying no, so when Garvin approached him in early May at a local lifted truck show to ask him to chrome his Cybertruck, The Polishing Guy took up the challenge.

“I wouldn’t say it was the most difficult project,” Waits said. “I guess it was a difficult project simply because it was never done.”

Overall, Waits estimated the job took about a week and 120 hours of work with three other employees.

Tyson Garvin's thoughts on Cybertruck

Tyson Garvin takes a selfie from his mirrored Cybertruck.

Tyson Garvin

Garvin told BI the result was a vast improvement to his truck, not only aesthetically but also practically.

“It doesn’t have all the porous stainless steel that traps all the oil from your fingerprints,” he said, adding that bugs and dirt also make the truck difficult to clean.

But thanks to the polishing work, Garvin said the vehicle is much easier to maintain.

“The more you clean it, the brighter it gets,” Garvin said.

A Tesla spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment sent over the weekend.

After Garvin shared the finished product on social media on May 27, Waits told BI that he received more than 60 requests for Cybertruck polishing work. He now has four trucks waiting to be fine-tuned.

A disco ball on wheels

Some skeptical commenters wondered whether the mirror finish would pose a road hazard. So far, Garvin said he hasn’t encountered any problems.

One of his concerns was whether the headlights of a car behind him would reflect off the truck’s tailgate while driving at night, giving the appearance of another car facing the driver.

Polished Cybertruck

The back of Tyson Garvin’s polished Cybertruck.

Tyson Garvin

Garvin told BI that fortunately the Cybertruck’s tailgate was angled slightly downward toward the road. When his wife followed him while driving, Garvin said all she could see was the reflection of the ground.

“There’s been a lot of discussion on the Internet from people wondering whether or not anyone can tweak the Cybertruck,” Garvin said. “Most people said it was impossible because of certain types of stainless steel used in the manufacturing process, but none of that mattered.”

“They just didn’t know any better,” he said.


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