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Cuomo’s sexual harassment is part of a larger toxic workplace, report says

The governor leaned close to his cheek and said, “I’ll say I see a spider on your shoulder,” investigators found. Then he passed his hand “in the area between her shoulder and her breasts”.

Around December 2018, just before posing for a photo with a male member of the Protective Detail and his wife at a holiday party, Mr. Cuomo took off the woman’s badge, just below his chest. The governor started to walk away, the report said, before handing the man the badge back, saying something like, “You might want this – I could be in trouble.”

At times, Mr. Cuomo seemed to blend a political survival instinct with the hope that those around him would look out for him as well.

He could do his own bidding, as in his aggressive flirtations with the female soldier – telling her, “Don’t tell anyone about our conversations,” according to his account.

But almost certainly the governor had reinforcements.

The horsewoman told investigators she hoped her story “would validate these women” accusing a “vindictive” governor of misconduct. But she said she still feared retaliation for speaking out, even without being publicly named.

She recalled how a security services commander responded upon hearing Mr Cuomo ask why the soldier was not wearing a robe as she led them to an event.

After exiting the vehicle, annoyed by the exchange, the soldier received a message from the commander, advising discretion.

“Stay in the truck,” one reads.

He did, until he didn’t.

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