CSX adds freight route to transport cargo to New York with Port of Baltimore closed

CSX helps reduce delays at the Port of Baltimore with additional freight trains

CSX helps reduce delays at the Port of Baltimore with additional freight trains


BALTIMORE – CSX has added a new freight route to transport goods to New York while limited activity continues at the Port of Baltimore.

This will help move more goods as maritime traffic is affected by the Key Bridge collapse.

“CSX is taking proactive steps to help mitigate freight disruptions to the transportation industry by launching a dedicated service solution between Baltimore and New York, in response to the devastating March 26 incident in which a freighter was collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge leading to its collapse,” the railroad said.

The routes will be implemented next week to help manage the flow of traffic that typically passes through the Port of Baltimore and carries cargo between New York and Baltimore.

“While the timeline for resuming cargo operations at the Port of Baltimore remains uncertain, we are in constant communication with our customers, providing them with timely updates on the status of their shipments,” CSX said. “CSX is fully dedicated to serving our customers’ transportation needs during this difficult time.”

The Key Bridge was struck by a cargo ship on March 26 and collapsed, sending eight construction workers into the Patapsco River.

Two of them survived, two others were found in a submerged truck and four others are still missing and presumed dead.

A second temporary crossing was authorized Tuesday for commercial and essential vessels in the Patapsco River following the Key Bridge collapse.

The 14-foot canal along the south side of the disaster site will allow ships to access the Port of Baltimore. An 11-foot, 264-foot-wide canal opened Monday on the northeast side.


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