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CSGO Goat S1mple thinks he would dominate Warzone if he wanted to – or any other FPS game

Calum Patterson

GOAT CS:GO player Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev says that due to his rare understanding of FPS games, he believes he would be the best at any game he chooses, including Warzone and Call of Duty.

s1mple is widely considered the best Counter-Strike player of all time and dominated CS:GO for much of its decade in esports, before being replaced by CS2 in 2023.

The Ukrainian has since taken a break from competition since the release of CS2, although he still regularly plays the game on his stream. He’s also branching out into other shooter games, including Warzone.

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Speaking to journalist and content creator Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields about his Reflections interview series, s1mple revealed that he believes his talent for FPS games will translate to other games, particularly Warzone, if he devoted himself to it.

The “power” of s1mple applies to any FPS game

Thorin asked s1mple if his compatriot Niko ‘Niko’ Kovac could one day be considered the GOAT of CS:GO, given that he primarily uses a rifle, and not the powerful AWP, like s1mple.

But s1mple said that if there was no AWP in CS, he still thinks he would have been the best player with just a rifle, because of his “power” in FPS games.

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“I know my power,” he said. “I feel like I know more about this game, or any other FPS game. Even if I went to Warzone now, I know I would do a lot of damage.

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“You have to understand the game, that’s what every CS player has to understand. The way you read them, the way you place your crosshair with the angles, the way you hear the sounds so your crosshair placement is better.

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s1mple admitted that some fans suggested his crosshair placement wasn’t as good as other pros, but explained that if he knows there’s no danger, he doesn’t care of where his crosshairs are located, due to his deep understanding of the game.

Instead, he can keep his eyes on the radar, rather than the direction his gun is aimed.

As of now, it doesn’t appear that s1mple has any plans to go pro in another game and is instead working on a yet-to-be-announced Counter-Strike-related project. But it would be foolish to doubt his ability to cause serious damage in Call of Duty if he wanted to.

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