CRAZY TOWN Singer SHIFTY SHELLSHOCK Reportedly Died of Accidental Drug Overdose

CRAZY CITY leader Sneaky shock died of an accidental drug overdose.

The cause of death was revealed by Binzerthe representative, Howie Hubbermanwho told Rolling Stone: “Seth has been struggling with substance abuse issues for some time. Seth was not happy with the daily struggle called life. Some people cope in different ways. It is unfortunate that we are losing so many people to addiction and accessibility to harmful drugs. Sly was a real tragedy. Too fast, too hard, too soon. »

According to the Los Angeles County medical examiner’s website, the 49-year-old Shell shock — whose birth name was Seth Binzer — died at his home on Monday June 24.

CRAZY CITY‘s biggest hit was the 1999 single “Butterfly”which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song sampled RED CHILI PEPPERS” Instrumental track from 1989 “Nice little ditty”. CRAZY CITYthe first album of, “The Gift of Play”sold 1.6 million units.

CRAZY CITY broke up in 2003 but reformed in 2007 and released their third album, “The Sulfur Sluggers”in 2015.

Binzerco-founder CRAZY CITY with Bret Mazur in 1999, after making music together under different names for a few years, he long struggled with substance abuse issues and appeared on various reality shows focused on his efforts to overcome his addiction, including “Celebrity in rehab” And “Sober house”. In 2012, he was admitted to hospital after losing consciousness and falling into a coma before recovering. Two years ago, he was arrested for drunk driving.

In a 2001 interview with rolling stone, Binzer admitted to being arrested for shoplifting.

Seth leaves to mourn his three children, Halo, Gauge And Phoenix.

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News Source : blabbermouth.net

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