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COVID-19: Javid defends back-to-office advice after experts warn of spike in hospital admissions |  UK News

The health secretary has defended the government’s view that people are returning to their workplaces after scientists warned that a new wave of COVID hospital admissions could be triggered.

Experts advising the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) have warned that pressure on the NHS could increase “very quickly” with daily hospitalizations reaching 7,000 by next month as more than a year of home work is coming to an end.

But Sajid Javid defended the government’s winter plan, announced yesterday, which encouraged workers to return to office.

He told Sky News: “Obviously there are other reports and stuff, and it’s fair for the experts to take a look at what’s going on and try to come up with their best guess as to where things might be. go on the basis of certain assumptions.

“My job as Secretary of Health and other ministers is to take it all together and make the best decision possible.

“I remind you that at the time when we made the decision of step 4, there were also experts who said that” the rate of cases will go to 200,000, hospitalizations will go to 2,000 to 3,000 a day – don’t do it “.

“We have to listen to them but ultimately make what we think is the right decision. There is no decision without risk but I think what we have announced in terms of this plan is well thought out.

“It’s the act of a responsible government to expose this is our plan, this is how we’re going to protect the gains, but just in case things aren’t quite as we want them to be,” we have to have another plan and prepare that too. “

There are currently up to 1,000 people admitted to UK hospitals with COVID-19 every day, while last winter’s peak saw 4,500 a day.