Could modernization efforts reduce license and plate fees for Illinois drivers? –NBC Chicago

As more services become available online and appointments aim to help reduce wait times at facilities, could Illinois drivers eventually receive a reduction in fees?

Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias says the modernization project he helped lead within the bureau has the ultimate goal of better serving Illinois residents, but reducing fees is also part of the goal which he has articulated since taking office in 2023.

“I’m confident it will happen,” he said of the fee reduction in a conversation with NBC Chicago’s Kye Martin this week.

Giannoulias’ office has introduced numerous changes since he assumed the role of secretary of state, including allowing drivers to schedule appointments for a variety of services and expanding the availability of online resources to allow motorists to renew their licenses, change addresses and apply for license plates. and more.

During the interview, Giannoulias said the short-term goal was to improve efficiency, but in the long term a reduction in fees for plates, licenses and other services could take place. .

“The goal of modernization is not only to increase efficiency and reduce the time tax, but as we integrate this new technology into every department of the Secretary of State’s Office, our goal is to create efficiencies and economies of scale that can ultimately reduce costs across all services. I don’t have a date for that, but that’s our end goal,” he said.

The cost of renewing passenger vehicle license plates has increased several times in recent years, with the cost now set at $151. Renewing a driver’s license costs $30 and replacing vehicle titles costs $50.

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