Conservatives put trans access issue at heart of UK election campaign – POLITICO

They say it will make it easier for organizations to ban women from toilets, prison cells and changing rooms if they were not female at birth – even if they have a certificate of recognition. who changed the sex on their birth certificate.

“We want to ensure that single-sex spaces are maintained for the dignity, privacy and safety of women and girls, and that single-sex groups can associate freely without others of the opposite biological sex,” said the left in a press release published yesterday.

It is the latest salvo in a long-running debate in Britain over the rights of transgender people, which has become a contentious political issue in recent years. Labor, far ahead in the polls, called it a “distraction”.

The government’s equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, has already pushed through plans requiring public buildings to have separate toilets for men and women – while the Conservatives and Badenoch, a rising star in her party, have often used this issue to force a wedge with Labor.


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Separation line

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 on Monday morning, Badenoch claimed his party was seeking to “make sure people understand what the law says” and stressed the Conservatives were “not trying to stop trans people from live their lives as they wish.

She argued that currently, providers who offer services designed for only one gender fear legal action if they do not admit transgender people.


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