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Concord author’s book focused on Boston history wins Pulitzer Prize


“No Right to an Honest Life” by Jacqueline Jones won the Pulitzer Prize for History.

A book that looks at the struggles of black workers in Boston during the Civil War won the Pulitzer Prize for history on Monday.

“No Right to an Honest Living” by Jacqueline Jones was published in January 2023.

Jones, the Ellen C. Temple Distinguished Professor of Women’s History at the University of Texas at Austin and former president of the American Historical Association, lives in Concord.

In “No Right to an Honest Living,” she examines the hypocrisy of 19th-century Boston and how, despite being the nation’s hub for abolitionism and anti-slavery rhetoric, justice for black workers “was elusive” and the city was “far from a beacon of equality,” according to the publisher’s description. The book examines how, with this juxtaposition and hypocrisy, Boston was a microcosm for the nation.

“Highlighting the daily struggles of ordinary black workers, this book shows how injustice in the workplace has prevented Boston – and the United States – from achieving true equality for all,” reads the article. description of the book.

Two of Jones’ previous books, “A Dreadful Deceit” and “Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow,” were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for History. “No Right to an Honest Life” is his fifth book.


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