Complaint against OTT company staff?

The biggest problem in Tollywood right now is the sale of digital rights. Questions about how to sell them, who to approach, and who to deal with are pressing concerns.

All major OTT companies are multinational companies. However, some production houses are able to sell their films as soon as they are announced, while others, despite promising projects, face delays.

In the past, a similar situation existed with satellite rights sales. The mediators took commissions and facilitated sales.

Even leading producers like Allu Aravind had to rely on these mediators as direct approaches were ineffective.

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Some employees of the satellite channel purchased films indiscriminately, causing losses, leading the channel to suspend its film acquisitions.

Some people in Tollywood can influence any multinational company.

Previously, a company had provided financial assistance but left the market after suffering losses due to middlemen who manipulated the acquisition of certain films.

Rumors suggest that some Tollywood producers allegedly manipulated a representative of a TV Plus OTT company, leading to projects being set up and commissions being shared.

Currently, a multinational OTT company is facing a similar problem. The company buys films from some producers before they even begin production, while ignoring others.

For example, a senior hero’s film, 80% completed and backed by a reputed banner and director, was not sold digitally. Conversely, a project involving the same senior hero and a young director was sold before production even began.

What is the cause of this disparity? The film industry is questioning these practices. Do employees of multinationals play with special interests?

It seems that some major producers have reported this issue to the higher authorities of the multinational OTT organization via email.

They complained that OTT company employees buy films from certain companies regardless of content or collaboration, whether the films are big or small.

Reports suggest that emails were sent to the global heads of the affected OTT company, requesting a thorough investigation into these practices.

The truth will soon be revealed if there is any noticeable change in the OTT company’s methods and decisions.

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