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Company merger leaves some Waukesha County residents without garbage collection for weeks

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin (CBS 58) – A giant mess in Waukesha County – the merger of two companies has left some residents without garbage collection for more than two weeks.

Residents say they tried to call the company but were unable to get anyone back. The mayor was told it was a problem with too few trucks and too few workers.

After nearly three weeks, the garbage trucks were finally rolling again in the Regal Manors East neighborhood, where garbage was pouring out of the trash cans.

“We are already in hot and humid weather. We spotted a few little rats that came out of the swampy area in this area, ”said Bruce Ailey.

This is the first time since before Memorial Day that Bruce Ailey has picked up trash.

“I wasn’t really confident that they were going at least the minimum time of a weekly pickup at this point,” Ailey said.

Advanced Disposal’s merger with Waste Management about seven months ago disrupted services throughout Waukesha County.

“We were assured that nothing would change and at first it wasn’t that bad. It was what you would expect with this sort of thing, with a merger, but since then, over the last six to eight weeks, it’s been horrible and getting worse and worse, ”said the mayor of New Berlin, David Ament.

Mayor Ament has filed complaints and contacted residents with online messages.

When you call the mayor’s office, you get this message: “If your call is related to garbage, please be aware that we have experienced service delays. And ask that the carts be kept away until they are satisfied.

New Berlin still has a seven-year contract with Waste Management, but will now be looking at options both legally and to find someone who can handle the job.

“It’s not like you can go to a big box store and then say I don’t like what you do or I don’t like your prices and walk down the street,” Mayor Ament said. .

Parts of Waukesha are also experiencing service delays.

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