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Coast Guard suspends search for man who went overboard on cruise ship

The US Coast Guard has suspended its search for a 41-year-old man who fell overboard on a cruise ship just before Christmas, they announced Monday.

The Vision of the Seas was 127 miles east of Charleston, South Carolina, Saturday evening when the incident occurred, the Coast Guard said on X.

Crew members said they immediately reported the incident to local authorities, who launched a search and rescue mission, according to the ship’s operator, Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Coast Guard crews searched more than 1,625 square miles for eight hours, according to the Charleston Coast Guard.

“Out of concern for the privacy of guests and their families, we have no additional details to share,” a Royal Caribbean spokesperson said.

Passengers were alerted shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday when an announcement saying “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, Starboard” was made over the ship’s speakers, passenger Colin Schappi told NBC News affiliate WCBD. in Charleston.

“All the staff members made faces,” said Schappi, who was dining on board when the incident occurred. “At first no one knew what was happening, then they made another announcement explaining what happened a few minutes later.”

The ship departed Baltimore on Friday and made its first stop in Orlando on Sunday, arriving in the Bimini Islands on Christmas Day, according to the cruise itinerary. Two more stops are planned in the Bahamas before returning to Maryland.

The eight-day round trip was themed “Christmas,” according to the cruise line’s website.

Last month, a 28-year-old man jumped from a Carnival cruise ship bound for Jamaica. The Coast Guard searched more than 5,600 miles, but he was never found.

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