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Cloakzy divides Warzone community by joking that MnK doesn’t belong in CoD

Daniel Appleford

Cloakzy, co-owner of Streamer and Complexity, has lashed out at Warzone’s mouse and keyboard community by claiming that Call of Duty is for controllers.

Aim assist has been a hotly debated topic in the gaming community as more and more titles begin to support MnK and controllers. CoD is also one of several titles affected; Games like Halo, Apex Legends, and rising FPS title The Finals are all plagued by this problem.

Warzone players have complained that MnK players are making it impossible to compete against the Gulag. At the same time, others believe that controllers make FPS titles easier to play.

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Streamers have been caught in the middle of the debate, and Cloakzy’s most recent comment is far from the only one. Other streamers and professional gamers like Luminosity’s HusKerrs took shots at MnK, calling him an “aimbot.”

Cloakzy’s response to HusKerrs regarding aim assist for MnK garnered varied responses. Some pointed out that the comment was clearly a joke or a copy of Twitch chat.

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“I’m tired of MnK complaining about aim assist” said Cloakzy. “CoD and Apex were built around controllers, not keyboard users. This is why aim assist is so powerful. Go play CSGO or Valorant and stick to writing emails.

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On the other hand, others took the comment in another direction by calling it a “W take.”

“Apex was most definitely built around the keyboard,” said one commenter. “The mainstays when the game launched were iiTzTimmy, Nokokopuffs and ImperialHal. Daltoosh and NiceWigg were outliers and that was mainly due to their ambiance as well as their gameplay quality. But players with the mouse could stay silent during the entire stream and let the gameplay do the talking. Name ONE controller player who can radio silently all the time and gain followers. None. For what? Because it’s not fun to watch.

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With the rise of MnK, the debate over aim assist for controller players will remain. At this time, Activision has made no further comments regarding MnK or aim assist in Warzone or Modern Warfare 3.

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