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Claudia Oshry reveals how Ozempic caused hair loss problems

Ozempic is no laughing matter for the comedian. Handler revealed that her “anti-aging doctor” prescribed her the drug without realizing what the drug was.

“I didn’t even know I was there,” she said during the January 25, 2023 episode. Call her daddy. “She said, ‘If you ever want to lose five pounds, that’s fine.'”

But while she tried the drug, Handler noted that she didn’t like what it did to her.

“I came back from vacation and I injected it,” she remembers. “I went to lunch with a friend a few days later, and she said, ‘I’m really not eating anything. I’m so nauseous, I’m on Ozempic.’ And I said to myself: ‘I’m a little nauseous too’ But I had just come back from Spain and I was jetlagged.

Eventually, Handler stopped using the drug because it was not medically necessary for her, adding that she gave the remaining doses to friends.

“I injected Ozempic into about four or five of my friends, because I realized I didn’t want to use it because it was stupid,” she said. “It’s for heavy people. I have people who come to my house and I’m like, ‘OK, I can see you at 1 p.m., I can see you at 2 p.m.'”


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