Chrissy Teigen Says She Got Cheek Fat Removed: “I Like It”

Chrissy Teigen isn’t cheeky: she talks about the plastic surgery she had on her cheeks.

The model and cookbook author posted a story on Instagram over the weekend in which she revealed that she had her oral fat removed by famous surgeon, Dr Jason Diamond.

“I did this Dr. Diamond oral fat removal thing here,” she said, touching her cheek in front of the camera. “And since I quit drinking I really see the results and love it. Yeah, I did, what?

Teigen also captioned the video with the phrase: “no shame in my game dr diamond”.

“There has certainly been an increase in demands for oral fat removal,” Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sarmela Sunder said in 2019 in an interview for a blog post on the website. another plastic surgeon. She said at the time that she received “more than 10 inquiries a week about the surgery, mostly from women in their 20s and 30s.”

Teigen has been remarkably outspoken about plastic surgery. She had her breast implants removed last year because she was “right over”.

“I would like to be able to zip a dress to my waist, lie on my stomach with pure comfort,” she explained at the time.


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