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Chris Russo slams CBS for Taylor Swift photos at Super Bowl 2024


The Mad Dog has a bone to pick with CBS.

Speaking on his SiriusXM show on Monday, Chris Russo wasn’t happy with the number of times CBS’ Super Bowl 2024 telecast showed Taylor Swift cheering on her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“They overdid it yesterday,” Russo said, as reported by Awful Announcing.

“I mean, I don’t care if it’s just a split second.” They must have been to that suite for Taylor Swift 9,000 times, way over. And I’m not one of those… Look, I think it’s too much. I’m not really interested. I think it’s a caring relationship, and I don’t think it’s wrong; that I love.

“I saw him again on the field; I think there’s a future there, but they’ve gone his way way too many times. I didn’t count the number of shots in this sequence – there must have been 10 or 12 during the match.

Russo’s estimate was correct: One report said Swift was shown 12 times for a total of 54 seconds.

Rapper Ice Spice, NFL player Jason Kelce, singer Taylor Swift and actress Blake Lively react before Super Bowl LVIII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images
Chris Russo said CBS showed Taylor Swift too many times during the 2024 Super Bowl. Getty Images for SiriusXM

It was too much for Russo.

“It’s really over the top… It’s not so much the length; it just goes to (his sequel),” Russo continued.

“All they have to do is go for a second. And if you only go for 38 seconds, that means you can still go 25 times – each time equals a second and a half. ‘Hey, she’s here! Ah, there she is! Kelce caught a ball; she’s there. Leaders lead; she’s there. She crossed her fingers; she’s there! I mean, it was just too much.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift shared a kiss on the court after the game. Getty Images

Russo acknowledged Swift’s crossover appeal, but lamented that the game’s presentation was moving away from the “football audience.”

“Look, I know he’s a huge superstar. The New York Post put it on the front page, ‘Welcome to Sin City,’ with Taylor Swift on the cover, among the attendees at Super Bowl 58. So you can make the case that they’re equally guilty,” he said.

“But it’s CBS, and I understand that you have to show a little bit of Taylor Swift, but they want to go beyond that. That’s my point of view. Now, you might feel differently, and if you’re a girl 13-year-old, or my daughter, for that matter, it doesn’t matter; you can’t get enough of them. Thirteen-year-old girls, 14-year-old girls, 17-year-old girls, and 23-year-old girls like Kiera Russo, they’re not football fans, they’re Taylor Swift fans. It’s supposed to be a football audience, and this was way over the top.

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