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You could soon be the proud owner of over a million dollars worth of free burritos, but first you’ll have to crack a special burrito code.

The tasty contest, from Chipotle, is part of an interactive game called “Burrito Vault,” according to a press release. This comes on the heels of National Burrito Day, which takes place on Thursday, April 4.

The interactive game, which challenges users to guess the exact order combinations per ingredient, will offer 100,000 buy one, free entry code, redeemable only on Thursday, the release said. Guests who guess the correct order combinations will “unblock the bank,” the release said.

Chipotle’s new Burrito Vault game gives fans a chance to unlock $1 million in free Chipotle before National Burrito Day.

“Prizes are available for the first 50,000 fans to successfully crack the Burrito Vault code on April 2 and 3,” the release said, adding that the game will open daily at 12 p.m. PT. It will close at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

According to officials, the game was inspired by popular daily word puzzles like Wordle from the New York Times.

“Burrito Vault is inspired by the popularity of word puzzles, which have swept the country and become a daily ritual for many of our fans and team members,” said Chris Brandt, Chipotle chief brand officer. , in the press release.

According to officials, Chipotle offers more than 1.34 billion possible burrito combinations.

This is how the game works, according to the organizers:

Players have four attempts to unlock the Burrito Vault by guessing the correct Chipotle order. The 50,000 players who unlock the vault will earn a BOGO code, the release said.

According to officials, all players who correctly guess the Chipotle order and unlock the vault will be “automatically entered into Chipotle’s National where 53 fans will be randomly selected to win free burritos for a year.”

In addition to the Burrito Vault game, the fast-casual chain is offering a “$0 delivery fee” to all Chipotle Rewards members who order through the website or app with the code DELIVER.

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