China’s BYD to launch first electric pickup truck this year

BYD has revealed its next electric pickup truck which the Chinese auto giant said it would launch in 2024.


BYD plans to launch its first electric pickup truck this year, as the Chinese giant steps up competition with global automakers from Ford to Tesla.

The mid-to-large pickup truck was developed for the global market, BYD said in a press release.

BYD showed photos of the truck draped in orange and blue camouflage, with very little detail visible inside or outside the vehicle. The sale price of the vehicle was not disclosed.

The pickup will seek to compete with models like the Ford Ranger and F-150 Lightning, the Toyota Hilux and the You’re here Cybertruck.

The pickup truck will add to the company’s vehicle lineup, which starts with the Seagull at 69,800 yuan – or just under $10,000 – up to the U9 supercar at 1.68 million yuan.

BYD does not sell in the United States, the most popular market for pickup trucks, but it is present in other popular markets for this type of vehicle, including Thailand.


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