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Chiefs winning three Super Bowls would be ‘legendary’

Mahomes was simply magnificent in keeping Kansas City afloat throughout a milestone trade with San Francisco. The game-winning drive he orchestrated in overtime was a near-perfect display of quarterbacking, as he completed 8 of 8 passes for 42 yards and a touchdown while adding 27 crucial yards on the ground.

The Chiefs trailed the 49ers for 42 minutes and five seconds of Super Bowl LVIII, which was the second-most trailed by a game-winner in game history, according to NFL Research. Kansas City also became the first team in Super Bowl history to win after trailing four times in the game.

Kansas City’s perseverance in Super Bowl LVIII was a summary of its 2023 season.

“I want to take credit for it, but honestly, it was everyone,” Mahomes said of the Chiefs’ ups and downs this year. “I knew it was going to change, but the way the guys worked. Every time things got tough, especially in that receiver room or on the offensive line or whatever, or with me. Everybody came to work the next day , and we’re just going to do that extra work. Let’s do those extra things. And when you see that, you know it’s going to change. Our defense has kept us in there all year. I knew our offense was going to change because about how hard guys are. work every day. When you work that hard, good things usually happen. So, it happened at just the perfect time, and we just took that momentum into the playoffs and obviously won the Super Bowl.”

The Chiefs became just the fourth team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in five years and became the seventh franchise to win four or more Lombardi Trophies. Mahomes became the third QB in NFL history to earn more than 15 playoff victories and only the fifth signal-caller to win three Super Bowls.

All these figures could possibly improve from the upcoming season with Andy Reid confirming his return for Chiefs’ quest for a treble on Monday.

Asked about Kansas City’s immediate outlook and how it relates to the middle phase of his own career, Mahomes described an organization built to accomplish unprecedented things.

“I think it’s a tribute to Coach Reid and (general manager) Brett Veach [that they] continue to recruit great players,” Mahomes said. “If you look at our defense and their youth. They write very well. They find these guys that they can recruit to play and develop. Our coaching staff develops players. I always think about our databases. We have five or six guys that are Year 1, Year 2 and then you have (L’Jarius) Sneed. I mean, guys who continue to get better. All you can do is go to work every day and try to bring guys with you. I thought Rashee Rice did a great job. I just keep getting better and better. That’s what great football teams need, guys that continue to adapt to the culture we’ve built here and continue to get better every week. I’m going to try to keep as much flexibility as possible when it comes to the cap and that sort of thing. It’s a credit to everyone around me.”

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