Chicago woman seeks public help in finding lost wedding dress – NBC Chicago

A Chicago woman is desperate to get her mother’s wedding dress back after it is accidentally donated to a thrift store.

He holds a very special place in her heart, and she hopes the audience can help her find him.

Meghanne Downes lost her mother to Alzheimer’s disease in October. She was diagnosed in 2015. As an only child, Downes, who is now a mother of two young children, helped her father care for him, in addition to a full-time job.

In the past few weeks, her father has started packing her mother’s clothes for donation. Unfortunately, her wedding dress was mixed up by mistake.

“He feels crushed and horrible,” Downes said. “A total accident.”

“Shortly after realizing that the dress was no longer there, that it had been given, I went through several waves of emotions. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, there is no more hope. . I’ll never find her again, ”Downes said.

She posted about the ordeal on social media, and dozens of women from her mother’s group in Chicago provided support and encouragement, many even offering to help with the research.

“It really helped me get through that and start looking at it in a positive way and getting over the sadness of having that support,” Downes said.

Her parents were married in 1980 in downtown Chicago after 12 years of engagement. A lifelong Chicago resident, her mother bought the dress from Marshall Field’s.

“It’s just a lot of intersections for us, both the love of my parents but as a little girl going to Marshall Field with my mom all the time,” Downes said.

Downes says her mother was a dressmaker and even made last-minute changes to the dress on her wedding day.

“Last thing before going to church, she put on the dress. She felt all those pins on the side. They forgot to sew her dress. She broke her needle and thread, and sewed the side. of her dress. Probably any bride’s worst nightmare, but there are a lot of memories and stories with it, “she said.

The dress is white with lace details and long sleeves. Downes’ father mistakenly donated it to The Salvation Army in Glenview.

In a statement, The Salvation Army said in part that the donated goods “are being processed and sold in one of multiple thrift stores” and “due to the unpredictable availability of the donated items, we cannot predict where donations will be processed, displayed or sold. “

Downes is hoping the dress will be found, returned, or at least happy to another bride.

“Maybe it will. I hope so,” she said. “It would mean the world for me to get it back.”


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