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Chicago Museum of Science and Industry rebrands, offers free museum day – NBC Chicago

One of Chicago’s most iconic museums will officially have a new name starting next week.

“For nearly a century, our museum has celebrated the power of science and industry,” the Museum of Science and Industry said on Facebook. “As we head into the next 100 years, we begin our next chapter.”

Starting May 19, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry will be known as the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, the museum said. As part of the launch, the museum will offer free entry to all guests on Sunday.

Why the Museum of Science and Industry is changing its name

The name change was first announced in 2019 after a record $125 million donation from Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin.

The museum, famously located in the former Palace of Fine Arts building from the 1893 World’s Fair, said the move was to recognize “the largest single gift in the museum’s history.”

But they were “moving toward a time when the exterior of our museum would reflect the progress we have made on the inside” before officially changing its name.

“Today, we are excited to reveal the next step in our evolution as the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry,” reads the museum’s website.

Griffin, founder and chief executive of Citadel, described the museum as “one of the most important scientific institutions in the world.”

“I am honored to support MSI’s mission to inspire the next generation of scientific exploration and innovation,” Griffin said in a statement.

Officials said a majority of the money would be used to “secure the long-term future of the museum” and support plans “to create the Pixel Studio, a cutting-edge digital gallery and performance space that will be the only experience of the museum”. this is the case in North America.

As part of its new identity, the museum also unveiled a new logo and new experiences. Among them is a new Griffin Studio, “a one-of-a-kind immersive digital gallery” with a debut exhibition titled Notes to Neurons, “an exploration of the connection between music and emotion.”

The new logo “presents a modern twist on the iconic cube, now with softer edges, symbolizing our commitment to inclusiveness and accessibility for all.”

“As we re-emerge as the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, we move forward with great determination and respect for our history, challenging ourselves to advance, modernize, innovate and place our visitors and our community at the center of everything we do,” the museum wrote on its website.

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