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Chicago Cicadas Inspire Lou Malnati’s Free Shipping Deal – NBC Chicago

Chicago pizza lovers can turn their cicada fears into a treat this month. Lou Malnati’s announced Monday a free delivery offer for people who don’t want to venture outside because of the many noisy insects.

The same deal is featured prominently on Lou Malnati’s website for people who missed the tweet.

Cicada density varies greatly depending on where you live, but it seems like every Lou’s location has this offering. Experts say the insects could continue to emerge through the rest of this week, with the end of their surface life cycle expected to wane toward the end of the month.

Lou Malnati’s agreement, however, only runs until June 14.

This isn’t the first time local businesses have gotten into the cicada craze. Last month, Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard offered customers cicada-infused Malort shots. White Sox fans were spotted enjoying similar Malort cicada shots over the weekend.

If you want to try cicadas In your diet, it should be noted that eating (or drinking) insects is not recommended for people allergic to shellfish.

NBC Chicago

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