ChatGPT’s enhanced voice mode is delayed

After being announced in May, OpenAI confirmed that the voice mode upgrade in ChatGPT was delayed.

The most impressive OpenAI demo of GPT-4o, which stole some of the thunder from Google’s AI-focused I/O presentation a day later, was the enhanced voice mode. The conversational voice mode allowed for quick responses and extremely natural interactions.

But now it’s a little delayed.

OpenAI says in a post on Twitter/X that the upgraded voice mode will be delayed by at least a month. That’s just for the “small” alpha group of ChatGPT Plus subscribers who were supposed to get the upgrade by the end of this month.

The full version of ChatGPT’s “advanced” voice mode will be available around fall, OpenAI says.

We’re sharing an update on the Advanced Voice Mode that we introduced in our Spring Update, and which we’re still excited about:

We had planned to start rolling it out in alpha to a small group of ChatGPT Plus users at the end of June, but we need another month to reach our launch bar. For example, we are improving the model’s ability to detect and reject certain content. We’re also working to improve the user experience and prepare our infrastructure to reach millions of people while maintaining real-time responses.

As part of our iterative rollout strategy, we will begin alpha with a small group of users to gather feedback and develop based on what we learn. We expect all Plus users to have access in the fall. Exact deadlines depend on meeting our high standards of safety and reliability. We’re also working on rolling out the new video and screen sharing features that we introduced separately, and we’ll keep you posted on that timeline.

ChatGPT’s advanced voice mode can understand and respond with emotions and non-verbal cues, bringing us closer to natural, real-time conversations with AI. Our mission is to offer you these new experiences in a thoughtful way.

OpenAI did not specify whether or not the “Sky” voice would return with this upgrade after it was removed last month. OpenAI disabled the voice because it sounded too much like Scarlett Johansson after the actress refused to lend her voice to ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT’s new Mac app is now widely available to all users.

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