Charles Barkley tells the story of Tom Brady giving him a $250,000 watch


“(Brady) and Wayne Gretzky are the two nicest GOATs I’ve ever been around.”

Charles Barkley tells the story of Tom Brady giving him a 0,000 watch

Charles Barkley holds Tom Brady in high regard. Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match)

Tom Brady has built a reputation as an intense competitor on the field during his 23-year NFL career.

But off the field, the former Patriots quarterback has cultivated an impressive network of friends and acquaintances across several sports and businesses.

Count NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley among those who hold Brady in high regard, especially when it comes to his generosity and behavior outside of football.

“(Brady) and Wayne Gretzky are the two nicest GOATs I’ve ever been around,” Barkley said on the latest episode of the “SI Media” podcast with Jimmy Traina.

During the podcast, Barkley brushed aside any discussion of any broadcast advice he might have for Brady before taking over as Fox’s lead NFL color commentator for the 2024 season.

Instead, Barkley explained why he views Brady in such a positive light, especially after an impromptu gift handed out by the former signal-caller during a meet-and-greet on a golf course.

“By the way, do you see this watch here? I was offered $250,000 for this watch,” Barkley said. “So I’m streaming one of the games, probably four or five years ago, I make a nice comment about this watch and this watch costs a pretty cent. I’m talking double-digit thousands. I said, “It’s a beautiful watch.” »

“(Brady) says, ‘Thanks, Chuck,’ blah blah blah. We broadcast for another two or three hours. One of Tom’s boys comes up to me and he says, “Hey, Tom’s looking for you.” … I go up (to the clubhouse) and say, ‘Tom, what’s up?’ And he says, “Chuck, take my watch.” What do I say ? I said, ‘Tom, I’m just saying you have a nice watch.’

“(He says) ‘I appreciate the compliment’ and he just gives me this watch. A few collectors offered me $250,000 for it. I wouldn’t sell it for any amount. That’s what Tom is, a guy. He and Wayne Gretzky, who are the GOATs of their sport, are two of the nicest, most humble guys I’ve ever met.

Even though Barkley admitted he didn’t want the watch, he wasn’t going to back down after Brady insisted on getting the gift.

“I didn’t want him to think I complimented him on the watch because I wanted it,” Barkley added. “It was a nice watch. I said, ‘Tom, you don’t have to do that.’ But when he said it a second time, I said thank you.

Given Brady and Barkley’s friendship, perhaps the NBA legend will make an appearance alongside the other “former teammates and special guests” who will be in attendance at Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame ceremony at Gillette Stadium on June 12.


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