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Chapo looted in Times Square

Chapo Trap Housea “dirtbag left” podcast hosted by Will Menaker, Matt Christman and Felix Biederman, has become a political and cultural mainstay, performing live to a 1,500-person venue in Times Square – and highlighting how far conservatives must go to compete for cultural influence.

The show – which saw more than a thousand spectators last week – opened with an alternative rock musical performance, followed by a stand-up set, before the main event, a conversation with Chapo featuring an animated cartoon cold open of Hunter Biden hitting a crack pipe.

Dubbed a “cult podcast” shortly after its launch in 2016, Chapo Trap House exists to comment on politics and poke fun at the characters of the device, named after El Chapo but intended to sound like the title of a rap mixtape.

The attendants, paying $60 for a ticket and $30 for a plastic cup of wine, were not what an observer across the millennial progressive left media would have imagined; the crowd was mostly made up of young professionals, seemingly fresh from their offices on Sixth Avenue or Wall Street.

$200 jeans, $400 jacket, $1,000 iPhone, $0 in real assets – there is a new proletariat: well constituted, earning decent money, but also acutely aware of the obstacles they face whom their parents never encountered – social and economic leftism is their gospel.

These champagne revolutionaries are similar to their predecessors in that they are certainly angered by circumstances, by those they see as the elites with real influence, corporate masters and corrupt politicians, and the show has expressed this disdain in perhaps the most devastating way – scathing mockery.

The theme of the conference was the heckling of corporate media, from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to New York Times“Maggie Haberman.

Tucker had recently called Chapo for allegedly not pushing back on Ukraine’s indiscriminate support and escalation – to which the guys accused Fox producers of not listening to the show, dryly reminding the audience: “We said war between Russia and Ukraine is a war between the two worst countries. ”

Chapo Trap House heckled Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News)

In front of an unflattering and ruthless projection of an image of the star Time journalist, the new Trump book by Maggie Haberman, Man of confidencehas been criticized for sensationalizing boring details about the former president as some sort of journalistic achievement, such as the Time Is.

Chapo Trap House ransacked Times star reporter Maggie Haberman's new Trump book Confidence Man (Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News)

Chapo Trap House ransacked Times star reporter Maggie Haberman’s new Trump book Confidence Man (Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News)

The Chapo guys also took shots at characters outside of legacy media – ‘data guru’ prodigy David Shor (who has a pink emoji in his Twitter bio) was hit for throwing a ‘themed party’ Burning Man”; and American Curator’s Rod Dreher was hit for writing a play that, to be fair, happens unintentionally but overtly gay, leading artists to speculate about his sexuality for part of the night.

Chapo looted in Times Square

Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News

The audience exploded as trap house Dreher tore, reading a passage aloud:

I think back to the male dorm I lived in for my last two years of high school. Think of a dormitory full of 100 middle and high school kids in the early 1980s. Imagine pent up sexual desire. There were a handful of guys who had come out, or half-out, as gay, and no one thought about it. I remember a few of them taking advantage of the dorm administration’s inability to recognize what was going on to get assigned a room together, even though they were quietly a couple. A group of us envied them, and all the sex they had to have. The thing is, the only thing that kept us from doing the same was the internalized taboo against gay sex.

The “dirty” progressive left “Bernie Bro” is broadly anti-establishment, anti-capitalist and anti-war. This opposition culminates in a fervor for social issues and what she sees as “structural injustices” in society based on race, gender and sexuality – similar to the generation’s obsession with abortion. of the left that preceded it. His most important observation, however, is that the economic prospects of younger generations are bleak, especially compared to those of older generations, and is keenly aware of the gaping income inequality and shrinking middle class that characterizes the landscape. American economy.

For readers new to this subculture, the remaining bastard isn’t Joy Reid with a sense of humor. Their ideology is thoughtful and often knowledgeable, though erroneous in the opinion of this website’s editorial perspective. These people own nothing and pay, in some cases depending on where they live, around 50% of their income in taxes – they don’t understand why they shouldn’t be paying for health care and school fees, and why they pay for weapons for foreign nations instead.

It is not altogether surprising that bourgeois millennials living practically in serfdom want socialized health care and education – given their circumstances and the fact that they have never lived under socialist systems, it must have been sense – especially after the 2008 bailouts when they watched Wall Street get better prostitutes while their parents lost their house. And their feelings and economic ideas are worth watching, because Millennials are the largest generational group in the United States.

Like the populist right, they often have as much or more contempt for establishing their own camp – which they see as an obstacle to creating a party in their image – than for their ideological counterparts.

Although the Democratic Party currently controls the White House and Congress, in a text message to Breitbart News, Biederman said he believed “the left” was “not just out of power, but very far from it.” .

“I don’t see Democrats nationalizing the medical system, or significantly penalizing any other industry that takes advantage of the now docile and battered people in this country,” he said.

The Time wrote an article about Chapo in the 2020 election that quoted them calling Biden supporters a “100-year-old gelatinous”, Buttigieg “a bloodless asexual”, and Bloomberg a “dwarf gremlin”.

At the event, there were hardly any discussions of politics, issues, or elections. There was no data presented, no statistics, no asshole. The event was cool, the presenters were punk – that was typical Chapo form, the message was clear and no explanation was needed: we’re laughing at you, and fuck you.

“It’s weird for me to think about the fact that not only is the show still around, but it’s doing as well as it is 6 years later,” Biederman told Breitbart News of his show launched in 2016 – at the height of establishment anti-sentiment sweeping America and much of the West. “We started at exactly the perfect time and place for a show like ours, but the fact that things are still going so well even after the collapse of Bernie 2020, which was one of our reasons for to exist, is senseless.”

As a right-wing populist media watcher in the live audience, Chapo’s rise and staying power doesn’t seem insane at all.

The trio obviously understood that populism, left and right, is a bigger movement than any politician – it has a larger message, a sentiment, a philosophy, sometimes even an aesthetic – it’s a culture rebel.

The show earns more than $160,000 a month from nearly 37,000 followers on Patreon, according to public data, seeing a massive increase in revenue since 2020 that has held up ever since.

“We’ve been really lucky to have the audience that we have in that sense, they’ve been incredibly loyal,” Biederman continued. “But I think part of that is because the show is primarily designed to entertain and be a fun and enjoyable part of a listener’s journey, before pretty much anything else.”

In that humble statement is a pretty profound clue to how Chapo found his place as a cultural leader alongside a political bullhorn – they don’t lecture, they don’t harass, preach or do no politics, these are people who are just … sympathetic. And their humor, while political, is really rooted in making observations that are true.

Whether the listener agrees with his message is irrelevant. All of a sudden you feel like you’re hanging out with friends, and if you’re a young populist yourself, you identify with them – any disagreement somehow falls on the edge of the path – just like that you are Chapo pilled.

Emma-Jo Morris is the political editor of Breitbart News. Email him at or follow her on Twitter.

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