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Cetaphil ‘makes things right’ with its creator after Super Bowl ad goes viral

A TikToker accused Cetaphil of copying her video with her stepfather for their Taylor Swift-inspired pre-Super Bowl ad.

Cetaphil shared its ad “A new sports tradition for dads and daughters” on Friday. The ad depicts a girl looking at her phone while her father tries to talk to her about a sports game in progress, but she is not interested.

The girl is then shown doing her skincare with Cetaphil products when she hears a TV presenter say “Well, guys, there she is. She’s the most famous fan in the game”, and she walks towards the game. dad watches. The two share a sweet moment, realizing they have found something in common.

The announcer’s remarks were a nod to pop star Taylor Swift, who has been spotted at football games in recent months supporting her boyfriend Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The girl is then applying her skincare when her father walks in, gives her a football jersey with the number 13 on it, which is Swift’s favorite number, and applies product under her eyes. After putting on the jersey, the girl joins her dad, who puts on a jersey bearing the number 89, in front of the TV to watch a match.

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