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CES 2024: Rabbit r1 AI assistant wants to do tasks for you

AI startup Rabbit today announced the launch of the Rabbit r1, a mobile device designed to simplify the experience of using a smartphone. The r1 runs Rabbit OS, an operating system powered by a Large Action Model (LAM).

The Large Action Model is capable of learning how humans use computers, or more precisely, how r1 users leverage applications. Rabbit says the r1 can understand complex user intentions, exploit user interfaces, and perform actions on the user’s behalf. The operating system was trained on data from people interacting with the apps, allowing the r1 to perform tasks such as ordering pizza, booking transportation services, listening to music, communicating with people, and much more. even more, via voice commands.

The Rabbit r1 can interact using a push-to-talk button on the side and it understands natural language requests. There are no apps on the r1 and tasks are done over the internet.

Designed in partnership with Teenage Engineering, the r1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a camera that swivels to capture photos and videos and make video calls, a scroll wheel for navigation and a USB-C port for charging. There is a 1000mAh battery and its lifespan depends on usage. Although there is no subscription associated with the Rabbit r1, it does require a SIM card for cellular data.

Users can teach r1 to complete tasks, including multi-step tasks such as finding a location, booking a hotel, getting restaurant recommendations, and finding activities. Once r1 has learned a task, it can repeat the action independently. It’s supposed to even interact with applications like Photoshop, performing multi-step actions within the software.

The Rabbit r1 must be provided with a user’s credentials for various services in order to perform tasks involving those services.

The Rabbit r1 can be pre-ordered on the Rabbit website for $200. It is expected to ship to customers in March or April 2024.

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