Cause of death of Paul Mitchell’s son Angus revealed, accidental drowning in swimming pool


Paul Mitchell

Son Angus’ cause of death revealed

… Accidental drowning in a swimming pool

Paul MitchellThe son’s death remains shrouded in mystery – because even though we now know how he died… it’s still unclear exactly what led to it, and why.

TMZ obtained the police report and medical examiner’s report for Angus Mitchell dies case in Hawaii – and the documents certainly shed more light on what happened before AM died… as well as what was done to try to save him.

Cops say witnesses told them Angus had been partying with friends the night before he was found at the bottom of his Honolulu home pool…but no one had a clear explanation, doctors say about what led him to enter the pool. water and never reappears.

Long story short…the report says a driver showed up at Angus’ home that morning of January 3 — when he was supposed to be picked up and taken to the airport — but Angus was nowhere to be found. After a quick search, the driver discovered Angus in the water…looking lifeless.

Cops say he dove and fished him out, trying to give him CPR — and when first responders arrived, they continued trying to do the same…even using a defibrillator.

Ultimately, lifesaving measures proved ineffective and Angus was pronounced dead.

Cops say they did a thorough investigation and after conducting interviews, the last thing Angus’ friends say they remember was him heading to the pool alone, without having the looking under the influence or without appearing in a bad mood.

There’s even surveillance video that was apparently taken – and stills showing Angus in the yard jumping into the water.

Like we said…none of Angus’ friends thought there was anything wrong with him – noting that he wasn’t taking any medication and was apparently not fit and healthy .

The only thing witnesses cite in the report is that Angus had been drinking the night before – but it doesn’t appear anyone was alarmed by the amount. As far as the medical examiner is concerned, they say Angus died of accidental drowning…but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of toxicology. FWIW, a lot of the paperwork is also heavily redacted.

We broke the story… Paul had literally posted photos of himself and his friends at the reunion the day before he died – and he looked as happy as could be. He was the heir to his father’s John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care products empire.

He was 53 years old.


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