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Cargo ship damaged by Russian mine in Black Sea, Ukraine says

  • By Robert Greenall
  • BBC News


The bulk carrier Vyssos was photographed in the Bosphorus days before the attack

A Panama-flagged cargo ship was hit by a Russian mine in the Black Sea, Ukrainian officials said.

Two members of the ship’s crew were injured in Wednesday’s explosion, causing the ship to lose speed and control.

Ukraine says the ship, the Vyssos, was heading to one of its ports on the Danube to load grain.

kyiv continued to export grain along unilaterally declared maritime corridors after Moscow withdrew from a U.N.-backed Black Sea grain deal.

Ukrainian authorities released a photo appearing to show the explosion, which caused a fire on the upper deck.

Reports suggest that the captain ran the ship aground to prevent it from sinking.

An operation is underway to try to tow it to port for repairs.

Ukraine has managed to reduce the threat posed by the Russian Black Sea Fleet to maritime shipping by repeatedly attacking its forces in Russian-occupied Crimea.

After a missile strike on the fleet’s headquarters in Sevastopol last September, satellite images showed that much of it had been moved further east, towards the port of Novorossiysk.

However, Russia continues to attack Ukrainian ports, while mines remain a constant threat to shipping.

Its Defense Ministry said it considered all cargo ships in the Black Sea bound for Ukraine to be potential military targets.

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Watch: Huge explosion as Russian warship is hit by missile

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