Cape Cod treasure found by ‘Brewster Boys’ leads to charity donation

HYANNIS, Mass. – At noon Friday, Chris Doyle stood on Wing Island in Brewster surrounded by hundreds of footprints, a dozen shallow holes, and sadly, a discarded coffee cup — remnants of the treasure hunters who came before him.

“Lots of people had been there. But I could feel it in my bones, in my bones,” Doyle said, raising his voice and dramatically slipping into the parlance of pirates.

“I could feel it was still there.”

Within hours, Doyle and his friend Jack Bicker, both 28-year-old Brewster residents and outdoor enthusiasts, had found it — a treasure chest that was exchanged for 500 golden-hued Sacagawea coins and an equal donation to Wild Care in Eastham, the charity of their choice.

“We buried the treasure a week ago and posted on Facebook Dec. 12,” the hunt’s co-creator Jordan Fowler, 27, said. “We thought maybe we’d get five or 10 people but the whole thing blew up.”

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