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Call to strike in the health sector against the vaccination obligation and the health pass – France

The South and CGT unions call on staff in the health, medico-social and social sectors to a national strike against the vaccine obligation and the health pass, a mobilization scheduled from Wednesday for the first and Monday for the second.

“We are submitting an unlimited strike notice from August 9 and call on the CGT unions to organize and mobilize in their territories,” said the federation in a statement inviting “all trade unions to the most unity. wide possible ”.

Mobilization against compulsory vaccination and the health pass

This call is motivated in particular by the opposition of the CGT “to the health pass, the vaccination obligation and salary sanctions”. The union also demands the lifting of patents on vaccines against covid-19 and “human and material resources to meet the needs of the population”.

In addition to this national call, strike notices were filed for Thursday in the Alpes-Maritimes, at the North Franche-Comté hospital, at the Louis Jaillon hospital center, in Saint-Claude (Jura), and at the Jura Sud hospital center, in Lons le Saunier. For its part, the Sud-santé-sociaux federation filed a national strike notice as of Wednesday.

The health, medico-social, social and education sectors called on strike

The notice covers all personnel, in the public as well as the private sector, in the health sectors (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.), medico-social and social services (personal services, at home, homes, etc.) and education (recreation center, nurseries, youth centers, etc.). The list of demands includes the abrogation of the vaccination obligation and the health pass but also the immediate increase in salaries, the end of deregulation on working time and bed closures.

Also opposed to the health pass, the SUD Commerce and Services Federation is not calling for a strike “for the moment”. “We are waiting to see what the position of the Constitutional Council will be. Then, we do not forbid anything ”, explains to AFP Laurent Degousée, co-delegate of Sud Commerce, in reference to the decision of the Wise Men expected Thursday.

The anti-covid bill, which was adopted definitively on July 25 by Parliament, makes compulsory the vaccination of staff in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes, firefighters, certain soldiers, as well as professionals. and volunteers with the elderly, including at home. Already applied in cultural and leisure venues since July 21, an extension of the health pass is also planned for August 9.

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