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California recall election: Bay Area gives Gavin Newsom a big moment

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The Bay Area caused a stir for Governor Gavin Newsom when he won the California recall election.

San Francisco, Marin and Alameda were among the counties in the state with the highest percentage of voters voting “no” on their ballots.

San Francisco got the strongest support in the state with 87% of the “No” votes on the recall, with 76% of the expected votes counted.

Live election results

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Voters in Alameda County also came out in huge numbers, and an overwhelming majority voted against the recall. At the last check, more than 85% of the county’s residents voted against.

County officials estimate voter turnout will eventually be between 60% and 70%. They say for a strong non-presidential election. Last November, more than 80% of voters were involved in the presidential election.


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In San Mateo County, 80% of voters voted “No” on the recall, with 71% of the expected votes counted.

76% of Santa Clara County voters voted “No” on the recall, with 75% of the expected vote counted.

Solano County had the lowest percentage of non-voters in the Bay Area at 65% against, with 76% of the expected votes counted.

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78% voted against the recall in Sonoma County, with 64% of the expected votes counted.

The Central Valley and rural counties of northern California recorded more “yes” votes. Lassen County had the highest percentage in the state with 83% of voters approving the recall among 70% of reporting ridings.

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