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Building a mental health toolkit

SALT LAKE CITY – Everyone, at one time or another, feels overwhelmed by what life throws at them, and often nothing helps them feel better. That’s why a psychiatrist at the Huntsman Mental Health Institute says it helps to have a mental health toolbox, an assortment of strategies for dealing with challenges.

Psychiatrist Kristin Francis said everyone’s toolkit is different, but it can include:

  • Hydration: “Your hydration level can really impact your energy levels, clarity of thought, and consistent eating.” »
  • Sleep: “Get enough sleep and get good quality sleep.” So be cool in your environment, make sure it’s dark enough, make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time and wake up at a consistent time.
  • Movement: “I like to say movement rather than exercise because I think exercise in our society comes with a lot of expectations and a lot of people won’t start something because it feels like I can’t commit to it. But you just have to move your body to do the laundry, you know, put on some good jam and dance while you do whatever.
  • Fun: “Having enjoyable things in our day. So, do you make time for happy things?
A glass of water from a mental health kit as a reminder to stay hydrated.

A glass of water from a mental health kit as a reminder to stay hydrated. (KSL TV

Francis suggests activities that give meaning to life: “Do we contribute to the lives of others? Do we have meaningful connections?

  • Mindfulness: “I think a lot of people think it has to be a formal practice, and it can be just focusing on what you’re doing and being present for it. So when we play, our children are truly present.

Peter Cornish has suffered from depression and said he includes talking with family and friends as well as journaling in his toolbox.

“Something about the writing process that actually helps you get it out there,” he said. “It keeps me more grounded, you know, when you can write certain things down. »

Cornish said that if he feels particularly down, he writes a letter to his future self to remind him that even when he feels down, things will get better.

“One of the things that helps me is recognizing that we all go through tough times,” he said.

Cornish writes to his future self to help improve his mental health.

Cornish writes to his future self to help improve his mental health. (KSLTV)

Francis said it’s important to recognize when a personal toolkit isn’t enough and you need professional help.

“If someone discovers that they are not really fulfilling their role, their responsibilities, their duties, if they are not really getting by on a daily basis, if they discover that they have the impression that life is not worth “When you’re struggling, it’s always a sign to seek support,” she said.

News Source : ksltv.com
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