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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes make surprise appearance at Kelce Jam

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes surprised Kansas City fans Saturday at Travis Kelce’s annual Kelce Jam.

Kelce had the entire crowd cheering before the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback joined him on stage at the music festival, sponsored by Jim Beam and held at the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kan.

2 Chainz was performing his hit “Birthday Song” when he noticed Kelce and Patrick performing to the side of the stage and invited them out.

The couple was seen dancing and enjoying the concert together from the side of the stage. Photography Doug Van Sant
Patrick joined Kelce on stage during rapper 2 Chainz’s set. NBA/Instagram

Fans erupted seeing the two Super Bowl champions on stage. The trio danced and laughed together before the “I’m Different” rapper, 46, offered his congratulations, thanked the audience and left.

Patrick, 28, then took center stage as the music switched to DJ Khaled’s famous song “All I Do Is Win.”

“Everyone! It’s my dog, Pat Mahomes! Kelce, 34, shouted into the microphone.

“We wanted to let you all know that back-to-back Super Bowl championships are not enough,” Patrick told the crowd. Getty Images for Verizon
“You know what we’re going to do? There is three ! “” the quarterback continued. WireImage

Patrick greeted the fans and shouted into the microphone, “Kansas City!” How are we feeling tonight? Are we going to come to the Kelce Jam or what?! Let me listen!”

“We love you,” the quarterback told the roaring crowd. “We wanted you all to know that back-to-back Super Bowl championships are not enough. Do you know what we’re going to do? There is three ! »

The bandmates continued to sing and dance to “All I Do Is Win” for several minutes before Patrick slowly walked to the side of the stage.

The teammates sang DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” while Brittany recorded on the sidelines. brittanylynne/Instagram
The longtime lovebirds were later seen holding hands and dancing affectionately to Lil Wayne’s music. Getty Images for American Express presents CARBONE BEACH

“Pat Mahomes!” » Kelce shouted again as Patrick raised both arms in the air before disappearing.

While Patrick did his thing on stage, his wife, Brittany, was off to the side laughing, dancing and recording the moment.

The mom of two, 28, stayed by Patrick’s side all night while watching performances from 2 Chainz, Diplo and Lil Wayne.

Kelce Jam included performances from 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and Diplo.
The tight end told Page Six that the support from the 20,000 fans in Kansas City was “incredible.”

Patrick and Brittany – who looked stunning in a denim dress with matching denim boots – seemed to particularly enjoy Lil Wayne’s set as they were seen dancing together off to the side.

At one point, Patrick sweetly turned to Brittany and held her hand while they swayed to “Loyal” and “Pop That.”

Brittany also put her arms on her husband’s shoulders as they danced together to Young Money’s “Every Girl in the World.”

Patrick’s younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, was also seen on the side of the stage, although he stayed out of the spotlight.

“It gets better and better every year,” he said on the red carpet. Page six
“Life couldn’t be better than behaving well now,” he added. Page six

Kelce gushed to Page Six about the packed event, saying the support from the 20,000 fans in attendance was “incredible.”

“It gets better and better every year and (Kansas City) continues to show up and show up,” he told us on the red carpet.

The three-time Super Bowl champion continued to show his appreciation on stage, even winning the Lombardi Trophy with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

“In all my years in (Kansas City), life couldn’t be better than right now,” the tight end said at the start of the concert.

Kelce also shared advice he received from his girlfriend Taylor Swift before the music event. AFP via Getty Images
She encouraged him to “just go out and have fun.” @chrisgrotewold/LIFESTYLOGY /TMX / MEGA

Of course, Kelce could also be referring to his life-changing romance with Taylor Swift, who he started dating last summer.

The professional footballer told us the “Tortured Poets Department” singer encouraged him to “just go out and have fun.”

“I’d be an idiot if I tried to imitate what she does!” he said laughing.

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