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Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan were in a ‘traumatic’ car accident

Brianna Chickenfry revealed that she and boyfriend Zach Bryan were recently involved in a traumatic car accident while on the road for his tour.

The social media star, 24, told her TikTok followers on Tuesday that she was on the verge of a “mental breakdown” due to lack of sleep following the incident.

“Two nights ago, Zach and I were in a traumatic side-by-side car accident,” she explained.

Brianna Chickenfry revealed that she and Zach Bryan were in a car accident Sunday night.
The influencer recounted the “traumatic” experience on TikTok on Tuesday.

Chickenfry – whose real name is Brianna LaPaglia – said the car “flipped over several times” and “everything broke.”

“Thank God we had our seat belts on,” she said.

The Barstool Sports personality said “there was a lot of blood” and both men initially thought their injuries could have been life-threatening.

“We felt like we were saying goodbye,” the “PlanBri Uncut” host shared with emotion.

She said their car “rolled over” several times. Getty Images

Although Chickenfry did not specify their injuries, she said the “Something in the Orange” singer had to be “stitched up” by first responders.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, thank God he didn’t hit an artery.’ It was just a huge gash,” she continued. “We were fine. We’re happy and alive.”

After receiving medical treatment, the couple decided to continue their drive to Little Rock, Ark., where Bryan, 28, was scheduled to play two concerts.

The Grammy-winning singer suffered a “huge gash” following the accident and had to be stitched up. Instagram/briannalapaglia
However, she insisted both men were “fine”. Instagram/@briannalapaglia

However, when the couple got back on the bus around midnight, one of their cats ran off into the 100-acre woods behind them.

In an effort to save the cat, the Grammy winner injured himself again.

“Zach tries to jump on him (and) all his stitches burst again,” she recalled. “He’s bleeding everywhere. So much blood.

The influencer said the two men “didn’t have shoes” and had to walk “on barbed wire” while searching for the animal, which was eventually found.

Despite the traumatic incident, Bryan had to perform a show in Arkansas the following night. Getty Images
The social media star, for his part, was scheduled to make several podcast appearances. Stephen Yang

Bryan then performed a concert the following night while Chickenfry was due to make several podcast appearances – despite the pair only having “two hours” of sleep.

However, when the exhausted duo returned to their bus, their other cat escaped, leading to another search party that lasted all night.

“I’m so tired,” Chickenfry said. “My whole body hurts and I keep finding more and more bruises and scratches and I took some glass out of my cheek last night.”

In a separate video, the influencer encouraged her followers to always wear a seat belt. Instagram/briannalapaglia
She said both men would have been “decapitated” or “dead” if they had not been wearing seat belts. Instagram/briannalapaglia

In a follow-up video, the podcaster encouraged her followers to always wear their seat belts.

“If you take anything away from me — everything I’ve posted in my entire career on social media for the last five years — it’s wear your seat belt,” she said .

“If we hadn’t worn our seat belts, we would literally be decapitated, (have) broken necks or dead,” she added.

The couple first met in May 2023 at an awards show. BFFS Podcast/YouTube
They started dating two months later. Instagram/briannalapaglia

Chickenfry, a longtime fan of the country crooner, met Bryan in May 2023 while they separately attended the ACM Awards in Dallas.

Later that month, the “I Remember Everything” singer revealed he was single after splitting from girlfriend Deb Peifer.

The “BFFs” podcast host confirmed in July 2023 that she and Bryan were an item amid growing speculation about the couple’s relationship status.

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