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Breaking news Rosen, former acting AG under Trump, due to appear before committee on January 6

Breaking news

The acting attorney general in the final days of the Trump administration is expected to answer questions from the Jan.6 select committee on Wednesday, according to two sources familiar with the schedule.

Jeff Rosen, who led the Justice Department during former President Donald Trump’s chaotic last few weeks, is the second known former senior DOJ official to have a scheduled interview with the panel. His deputy answered questions from House investigators last week.

Rosen has detailed and first-hand knowledge of Trump’s attempt to drag the DOJ into its efforts to overthrow the 2020 election. But it’s unclear how much new information the panel will be able to get from him: Rosen testified publicly about the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill and answered questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee for its separate investigation into Trump’s efforts to influence DOJ.