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Breaking news McAuliffe: GOP rally pledge to flag on January 6 was ‘racist dog whistle’

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“He has to come out today and say it was wrong to pledge allegiance to that flag, and I want him to come out and say [the] The January 6 insurgency was bad, ”McAuliffe added.

While Youngkin was not in attendance at Wednesday’s rally, former Trump administration chief strategist Steve Bannon addressed the crowd. Trump also addressed the crowd, telling spectators by phone that “Glenn Youngkin is a great gentleman,” before delving into his long-denied claims that last year’s presidential election was stolen.

“We won in 2016. We won in 2020 – the most corrupt election in our country’s history, possibly one of the most corrupt in the world. But we are going to win it again,” said the former president, rehashing claims for which he is not proof.

Youngkin’s running mate, Lt. Gov. candidate Winsome Sears, was due to address the rally but left before the program, according to the Washington Post. Youngkin has yet to comment publicly on Wednesday’s rally, and campaign spokespersons have not responded to an email regarding McAuliffe’s remarks.