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Breaking news Capitol doctor plans to recommend masks again due to Delta variant

Breaking news

“I thought for a moment that you were all standing on your points again,” he told masked and unmasked reporters on Thursday, pointing to the circular yellow stickers that still dot the floor of the Senate basement. , each six feet apart, which said “thank you for practicing social distancing.”

“But I guess we may have to come back to some of that,” he added.

Blunt was an advocate for a widespread testing regime on Capitol Hill, similar to the daily testing carried out in the White House. But Capitol never imposed tests and took a piecemeal approach to enforcing public health measures.

Some staff and lawmakers have already gone cover-up in response to news earlier this week that several fully vaccinated people on Capitol Hill have tested positive for Covid. Queues at the Capitol Hill test site have grown intermittently around the corner this week as many staff were tested at work for the first time after working remotely during the peak of the pandemic.

In a letter to Hill’s offices on Tuesday, attending physician Brian Monahan warned that the Delta variant is “much more contagious” and poses “a serious health risk to unvaccinated people.”

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