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Friday’s action is another step in ensuring those projects don’t move forward and will free up that money to go to other construction projects under the military’s purview, according to Brown.

The Biden administration’s move comes as it continues to deal with an influx of migrants to the border, which Republicans have hammered on Biden, arguing his policies are helping to spike in numbers.

The move will likely appeal to progressive and pro-immigration groups, who were dismayed by the Biden administration’s decision this month to maintain Trump’s refugee admission limit. The White House then spent days reconsidering that message and insisting it intended to ultimately deliver on Biden’s election promise to raise that annual cap to 125,000 from 15,000 under Trump.

The situation along the border turned out to be one of the few political vulnerabilities Republicans managed to pin down on Biden during his first months in office, and the termination of construction contracts is sure to re-energize this. line of attack.

Trump’s declaration of emergency, which he signed in early 2019 and which Biden completed in February, was a race stopper around Congress after repeatedly failing to secure the funding his administration wanted to build a wall imposing the along the border. As a result, Trump has diverted billions from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department to reallocate them to border fence projects.

Biden subsequently turned off that funding tap, a decision the Government Accountability Office opened in March to assess whether the president was following applicable fiscal rules.

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