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He noted that these are some of the services he hoped could be built years ago when, as Vice President to President Barack Obama, he drafted the White House budget request for Amtrak.

Biden acknowledged Amtrak’s ambitious plan that would serve up to 160 additional communities, saying, “Think about what that will mean in terms of opportunity if we connect Milwaukee to Green Bay to Madison, Scranton and Allentown in New York City, Indianapolis to Louisville and more. . “

“What this means is that cities that have been in danger of being left behind or left behind will be back in the game,” he said.

In competition with China: Biden cited the specter of competition with China, noting that it “already has 23,000 miles of high-speed rail at 220 miles an hour.”

“If we could get three curves straight from Washington to New York, you could do it from Washington to New York in an hour and 32 minutes,” he said. “My friends, there is so much we can do. and it has an incredibly positive impact on the environment, an incredibly positive impact on work.

Nostalgia: Biden also reflected on his estimated millions of miles riding Amtrak, which was his favorite way to get to work when he was in Congress, and all the Amtrak workers he has come to know.

“Amtrak wasn’t just a way home,” he said. “It gave me, and I’m not kidding, a whole different family.

He said he used to throw a Christmas party for Amtrak employees, but ended up having to make it a summer party “because family and retirees kept coming back. And that it was getting too big to fit inside.

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