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Boris Johnson reacts to Nicki Minaj’s comments about ‘swollen testicles’ after vaccination

The British Prime Minister was prompted to comment on a post by Nicki Minaj after the international artist created controversy by correlating the Covid-19 vaccination with problems of male sexual impotence.

“I’m not as familiar with Nicki Minaj’s work as I probably should be. But I know Nikki Kanani, a well-known general practitioner from Bexley who has appeared before you many times, who will tell you that vaccines are wonderful and that everyone should have access to them, ”Boris said on September 14. Johnson during a question-and-answer session, when a recent publication by Trinidado-American artist Nicki Minaj on the subject was discussed.

The artist with billions of views on YouTube had indeed affirmed the day before that the friend of one of his cousins ​​had become “impotent” after being administered a vaccine against the Covid-19. “His testicles swelled [alors qu’il était] weeks away from getting married, ”she wrote in the tweet in question, before warning her subscriber community about getting the vaccine:“ Make sure you’re comfortable with it. your decision, without being intimidated. ”

“No evidence exists of an effect of anti-Covid vaccines on fertility or male sexual organs,” said experts quoted by AFP’s fact-checking service in reaction.

“Vaccines save lives and by spreading lies you are doing the opposite”, retorts the British Minister of Health

Asked about the subject during the question-and-answer session mentioned above, the chief medical officer of England Chris Whitty denounced the “myths” surrounding the vaccination against Covid-19: “There are a number of myths circulating, some of which are clearly ridiculous [et] are clearly intended to scare people. “

The American rapper then sent a tongue-in-cheek voice message via Twitter to Boris Johnson, with a British accent, claiming she was born in the UK and went to college with Margaret Thatcher who said “a lot of nice things to her.” About the British Premier.

Asked about Nicki Minaj on September 15, UK Health Minister Sajid Javid called on celebrities to be careful what they say.

Speaking on Times Radio about “people who spread disinformation” he said: “Clearly that doesn’t help. […] Please don’t do this. You really hurt people because vaccines save lives and by spreading lies you are doing the opposite. ”