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Boebert switches congressional districts, avoiding a Democratic opponent who has far outraised her

“The Aspen donors, George Soros and the Hollywood actors who are trying to buy this seat, well, they can go pound sand,” she said.

Boebert called it a “new beginning,” acknowledging the difficult year following a divorce from her husband and the video of her misbehaving with a date during a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice” in Denver. The September scandal shook some of her loyal supporters, who saw it as a transgression of conservative and Christian values ​​and for which Boebert apologized at events in her district.

She already faced a major challenge in her district, as well as a general election matchup with Democrat Adam Frisch, a former Aspen City Council member who was a few hundred votes away from beating her in 2022. A rematch was expected, with Frisch. raise at least $7.7 million compared to Boebert’s $2.4 million.

Instead, if Boebert wins the primary to succeed Buck, she will run in the state’s most conservative district, which former President Donald Trump won by about 20 percentage points in 2020, unlike his margin of about 8 percentage points in his constituency. Although it is not required that a representative live in the congressional district they represent, but only in the state in which the district is located, Boebert said she would move — a move of mountain tops Colorado’s western rockies and high desert mesas to its eastern expanse of prairie grasses and ranching enclaves.

In 2022, Frisch’s campaign found support in the conservative district from unaffiliated voters and Republicans who had defected because of Boebert’s brash, Trumpian style. In that election, Frisch’s campaign revived the slogan “Stop the Circus” and presented Frisch as the “pro-normal” alternative to Boebert’s more partisan politics.

In a statement after Boebert’s announcement, Frisch said he was prepared to choose the Republican nominee.

“From day one of this race, I have been focused on defending Colorado’s rural way of life and providing common-sense solutions to the problems facing families in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. ” he said. “My goal will remain the same.”

The Republican primary candidate who placed second to Boebert in the 3rd District, Jeff Hurd, is a more traditional Republican candidate. Hurd has already garnered support from prominent Republicans in the district, first reported by VailDaily.

Boebert shook up the political world by scoring a surprise primary victory over the incumbent Republican congresswoman in the 3rd District in 2020, while running a gun-themed restaurant in the town of Rifle, Colorado. She then attempted to enter the U.S. Capitol with a gun and began feuding with prominent liberal Democrats like Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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