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Blue Roof nailed by mistake to a woman’s new roof

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Thousands of Louisiana residents have had blue roofs since Hurricane Ida ravaged the area, but not all were needed. New Orleans woman says she got one without asking and now she wants the Corps of Engineers to do it right.

For most hurricane victims, getting a blue roof is a treat to prevent further flooding, but this woman from Algiers says her blue roof was anything but.

“I went out and looked up and said wow that little blue roof tarp that I don’t need,” Toni Dunbar said.

She says she noticed the tarp on Monday and worries more about a blue roof every day than she ever asked for.

“I am afraid every day that I will have drops in my room,” she said.

Dunbar says workers climbed to his roof and nailed it to the blue tarp last week when no one was home. She says her roof was practically new, that it was only three months old, and that the crews had no reason to stop by her house. She even brought in an adjuster after the storm, who said she didn’t need repairs.

Now its roof has dozens of nail holes used to put the tarp. The Corps of Engineers apologized, saying a blue roof was ordered nearby and the contractor made a mistake.

“A work order has been submitted for a house on this street and has been verified and it looks like the contractor went to install it on the wrong house,” Corps spokesman Luciano Vera said.


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The Corps says the contractor will now work with the owner to fix it.

“They’ll either fix it or look to install a new roof at no cost to her because it was a contractor’s mistake,” Vera said.

The Corps says the repair work could be completed as early as this Saturday.

The Corps of Engineers has installed 27,000 blue roofs in Louisiana since Hurricane Ida. The deadline to apply for a blue roof is Friday at midnight. You can call 888 766 3258 or visit

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