Blue Check Marks Are Back on Twitter. Not Everyone’s Happy About It.

Elon Musk offers free Premium and Premium Plus benefits to accounts with a high number of verified subscribers. But not everyone likes it.

On Wednesday, some X users tweeted that they were seeing the familiar icon next to their handles even though they weren’t paying for those subscriptions. The change comes just over six months after Musk launched two subscription tiers on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Last week, Musk announcement that users with more than 2,500 paid subscribers will get free Premium access, along with reduced ads and other benefits. Those with more than 5,000 subscribers will receive Premium Plus for free, a more expensive tier that removes ads, among other benefits.

The check was once a coveted status symbol granted to verified and high-profile users, including journalists, celebrities, politicians and official agencies. But after Musk arrived in 2022, users’ blue checkmarks disappeared and became a badge that anyone could buy. This change made it harder for users to spot authentic accounts, and misinformation flourished on X under Musk’s leadership.

The partial return on Wednesday of the free blue check gave rise to a wave of jokes on the platform.

The checkmark is not assigned only to people, per account that received the badge.

Several users defended themselves by writing on Twitter that they had not paid for the badge.

The platform is popular with journalists. But some (including at least one of journalists) don’t seem happy with their new status.

Other users are relieved that they haven’t experienced this yet.

Some people are excited about their new badge.

One user just wants this to go away.


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